We plan and develop packaging with careful methods and in a customized way. Packing and handling procedures are made to maintain the physical and chemical integrity of art objects in order to protect and secure them during transportation, handling and storage.

We count on specialized partners for planning set-ups. With a dedicated team for this activity, we can offer art mounting for exhibitions and collections located in museums, galleries or private residences .


We have expertise in both national and international transportation. Within Brazil, we transport artworks with our own fleet. For overseas destinations we work as freight forwarders for airline and maritime companies, monitoring the processes from shipping to the delivery at the final airport or port.

Our international partners operate across all five continents and guarantee the quality of their services at custom clearance, during ground transport, and with handling and delivering to the final destination.


The infrastructure of our company combined with the competence of our team ensures safe and trustworthy storage. Our clients can access their artworks whenever they require. They are available in three distinct modes:

    – Managed by IMMENSUM

      – Managed by the client
      – Shared


We offer museology services to bring more ease and agility to the events we manage, offering a unique and customized on-demand service.


We have a specialized department to deal with customs clearance, dedicated to taking care of all the required documentation for artworks moving internationally. We monitor all necessary processes from the initial shipping of the works until their safe delivery by the agreed deadline.


Immensum always strives for the best cost/benefit ratio for its customers by taking charge of the whole import process: classifying each product to be imported, checking tariff rates and benefits, costs, feasibility, overseas booking, international transportation contracting, cargo loading and unloading, monitoring, customs clearance, delivery to the importer, and currency exchange control. This extends to include the preparation of special projects in conjunction with the proper governmental authorities for items with no domestic equivalent.
Frequent/Common types of import service requests include:

a) Temporary Admission

Regime that allows goods from abroad to enter and remain in the country for a predetermined time frame and purpose, including the suspension of payment of import duties, or the proportional payment equal to the time the item remains in the country. Such regimes apply to goods imported on a temporary basis without foreign exchange controls, suitable to the purpose they were imported for, to be used in keeping with the length of stay and for the purpose stated in the permit (trade shows, exhibitions, and other artistic or cultural events, sporting competitions or exhibits, industrial or commercial trade shows and exhibitions, etc.)

b) Customs Warehousing

A method that allows important with suspension of duty payments, storage in a bonded room in a secondary zone, and partial nationalization depending on the importer’s needs. Noted for its flexibility, it further allows for return to the exporter, nationalization by a third party, or even re-export to another country.

c) Drawback

The Special DRAWBACK Custom Regime is an export incentive and consists of the suspension or a exemption of the duties levied on the import of goods used in the processing of a exported product or a product for export. The regime includes the suspension of or the exemption from Import Tax (II), Excise Tax (IPI), Value-Added Sales Tax (ICMS).


This process starts with the negotiation between our customer and the prospective foreign buyer. Based on the purchase order, we provide all relevant documentation, transport the cargo domestically to the Port or Airport, contract with the international freight carrier, take care of the customs clearing process and ship the cargo to the destination country. In addition, we can, by means of our international agents, provide the overseas clearing services and deliver it directly to the buyer (Door to Door).

a) Temporary Export

Immensum specializes in temporary export for several purposes, including:

– Temporary export of nationalized goods intended for overseas repair or maintenance and subsequent return;
– Temporary export of nationalized goods to an international destination for replacement due to technical defect;
– Temporary export of Artworks for exhibitions and subsequent return.


We work with the most renowned worldwide insurance companies, capable of offering customized solutions to artwork insurance at fixed locations or at temporary exhibitions of any kind. Our reputation and capacity guarantees our clients the best rates on the market.